3 Ways To Make Your Loved One's Burial More Customized


Losing a loved one is something that nobody wants to deal with but that everyone experiences at one point in their life. If you have recently lost a loved one or are in the process of planning a funeral for someone, then you may be wondering how you can make it as unique as they are. From customized plaques to the funeral service itself, this article will discuss three unique ways to make your loved one's burial more customized. Let's take a closer look. 

1. Customized Plaques

A customized plaque is something that you can have put on your loved one's headstone and have it say something nice about their life or even post their favorite quote on it. Another great way that you can customize their plaque is with the font that you use. A lot can be done with a customized plaque to not only show how much you loved them but how great of a life they lived while they were alive. 

2. Songs at the Funeral 

Musical numbers -- whether they be live or previously recorded -- are a great way to customize your loved one's funeral. Traditionally, funerals that are held at churches have more classical music. Whereas, nowadays, funerals can be thrown at a bar, restaurant, or park, which gives you the opportunity to play a variety of non-traditional funeral music like rock and roll, or even rap, if that's what your loved one enjoyed. 

3. The Location

Location, location, location; it's not just something to consider when you're buying a home. As previously mentioned, it used to be that funerals were only held at a church; however, nowadays, funerals are held just about anywhere. Even though the burial obviously has to be conducted at a cemetery, the funeral service can be held at a museum, park, restaurant, someone's home, or just about anywhere. The funeral service is the best time to honor your loved one's life by sharing stories and reflecting on everything they did while they were on this earth. 

Planning a funeral can be a daunting task for everyone involved, especially when you're trying to make it special and unique to them. By using these three easy tips, you can help make your loved one's funeral unique to the life they lived and help honor them in a way that will have everyone reflecting on the good times they shared with them. 

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18 June 2018

Understanding The Funeral Planning Process

Hi everyone, my name is Sari Blakenship. My first time visiting a funeral home was an extremely comforting experience. Although I was blindsided by the death of my loved one, the funeral director helped me through the planning process without taking advantage of my grief. I was allowed to work at my own pace to cope with the grief in a healthy way. I was never rushed or pressured, despite the necessary timeline. Whenever I couldn't move forward, the funeral director held my hand and offered words of comfort. I would like to share each step of the funeral planning process to help others through this difficult process. Planning a funeral takes a lot of thought and time during a particularly difficult period. Please visit whenever you need a hand.