Simplify Your Funeral Plan With A Cremation


Planning your own funeral is a great way to take pressure off of your family members after your death. Instead of guessing about the funeral you would like, they can simply follow your plan to the letter. This doesn't make funeral planning a simple process, though. If you feel overwhelmed by decision fatigue, you can simplify your funeral plan by choosing to be cremated. Here are just a few of the ways that cremation can simplify your funeral.

15 July 2020

How To Talk To Your Family About Your Funerary Wishes


Death is inevitable, but it is still something nobody really wants to talk about. It makes things really hard, then, when you know you have to have a difficult discussion with your family about your funerary wishes. Still, it is a very important discussion to have while you are still alive. Here is how to talk to your family so that they know what you want when the time comes. 

16 December 2019

Tips For Planning Your Own Funeral


More and more people are starting to realize the benefits that come from planning their own funeral. You get to not only ensure that your funeral will be everything that you would have wanted, but that the expense of it all is taken care of as well. When you pay for your own funeral in advance, you are locking in today's prices instead of having your loved ones deal with the inflated prices many years from now.

30 July 2019

The Reasons People Use Cremation


Part of the process of funeral planning is deciding what you want to happen with your body. With over 50% of funerals using cremation, you may be wondering why people find this method just as appealing as a traditional burial. Here are some of the reasons people choose cremation over other options. The Cost When you actually sit down and plan out your funeral, you may discover that it can be quite expensive.

10 May 2019

4 Tips To Help You Process Your Grief After Your Loved One's Death


The death of someone close to you is one of the hardest things you can deal with. In the wake of your loved one's death, you may feel anger, sadness, loss, and regret. These feelings are all perfectly natural, but they may be alarming or uncomfortable. Here are four ways you can process your grief and begin to heal: 1. Arrange a memorial service. A memorial service can be a lovely way to remember your loved one and celebrate their life.

23 January 2019

Tips For Choosing The Words And Images On A Headstone Or Grave Marker


Choosing the words and images for headstones or grave markers can be a challenge. When choosing the words and images, it is important to understand that what you write will be a representation of the personal tastes of the deceased, and it will represent how the deceased lived. This shows the importance of taking your time to choose the image or words that shall be engraved on the headstone or grave marker.

13 October 2018

Dealing What Comes After: What To Do Immediately Following A Loved One's Death


The death of a loved one is something that no one can ever really prepare for, even when it is expected. When the final ending arrives, it is normal to still feel shocked and helpless, even if you have already spent months watching a spouse, parent, or child battle a terminal illness. If you have found yourself in this terrible position and wonder how you will be able to cope when the end arrives, the following information will help you get through those first few days and ensure that their final arrangements are handled with care.

22 August 2018

3 Ways To Make Your Loved One's Burial More Customized


Losing a loved one is something that nobody wants to deal with but that everyone experiences at one point in their life. If you have recently lost a loved one or are in the process of planning a funeral for someone, then you may be wondering how you can make it as unique as they are. From customized plaques to the funeral service itself, this article will discuss three unique ways to make your loved one's burial more customized.

18 June 2018

Considerations For Preplanning Your Funeral Procession


When you're preplanning your funeral arrangements, it's easy to focus on the service and the burial ceremony. Don't make the mistake of overlooking the manner in which those paying tribute to your memory get from one venue to the other. The procession from the funeral home to the cemetery is an important detail to think about. There are many different requests that you can make about the procession, and it's important to note that there's no "

16 May 2018

How To Find The Best Funeral Home To Use


If you are in charge of finding a funeral home for the services of your recently passed loved one, you might find yourself a little worried about whether you are selecting the very best one for this. To help you with this process, you will want to spend a few moments of your time reading through the following suggestions. This way, you should be able to find the ideal funeral home in no time at all.

9 April 2018