3 Tips For Planning Your Own Funeral Services


One of the most challenging experiences in life is losing a loved one. When someone is already grieving, planning and paying for a funeral can feel like an impossible task. Planning your own funeral services while you're still alive is a remarkable act of kindness for your family. Someday when you pass away, your loved ones will be saved from the emotional and financial stress of planning your funeral services. Here are three tips for planning your own funeral:

Fill Out a Durable Power of Attorney

In order to ensure your plans are fulfilled, you will want to designate someone you're close to as the person in charge. They will be the one to call the funeral home when you pass away and ask for the arrangements you've already made to be carried out.

In order to make this agreement legally binding, you will need to fill out a durable power of attorney. You will then have it notarized. This document is typically used to make medical decisions if you are incapacitated but is also used to give someone authority to make funeral-related decisions upon your death. Make sure you choose someone you really trust.

Work Closely With a Funeral Home

Working closely with a funeral home will save you time and ensure that your plans are actually implemented once you die. The funeral director and staff you work with will help you determine all of the details. This will include whether you'll be cremated or buried, your choice of a casket or urn, and even what music you would like played. 

Working with the funeral home directly will also allow you to pre-pay for your funeral as well as embalmment or cremation and a plot if you want one. 

Get All Your Preferences in Writing

Finally, if there are specific preferences you want to be carried out, get them in writing and share them with your funeral director. These preferences can include whether your ceremony is held indoors or outdoors, the style of decor, and even the guest list. In addition to sharing with the funeral home, be sure to discuss your preferences with your family and share the documents with the person you've chosen as your power of attorney.

Thinking about your own mortality can be uncomfortable, but planning your own funeral removes some of the fear and gives you more control. Contact a funeral home today to begin pre-planning for your funeral services.


26 May 2022

Understanding The Funeral Planning Process

Hi everyone, my name is Sari Blakenship. My first time visiting a funeral home was an extremely comforting experience. Although I was blindsided by the death of my loved one, the funeral director helped me through the planning process without taking advantage of my grief. I was allowed to work at my own pace to cope with the grief in a healthy way. I was never rushed or pressured, despite the necessary timeline. Whenever I couldn't move forward, the funeral director held my hand and offered words of comfort. I would like to share each step of the funeral planning process to help others through this difficult process. Planning a funeral takes a lot of thought and time during a particularly difficult period. Please visit whenever you need a hand.