Want To Be Cremated? 3 Funeral Elements You Can Still Have


Do you want to be cremated after you pass away? This option is increasingly popular with people due to its simplicity, lower cost, and flexibility. But you may worry that if you're cremated, your family cannot have the traditional parts of funerals at which a body is present. In fact, you may not need to be concerned about this at all. Here are three of the most important funeral elements you can still have.

1. A Viewing

Viewings are common for some families and cultures, so not having one may leave the family feeling unable to fully say goodbye. While your remains will be cremated for their final disposition, this doesn't need to happen right away.

The funeral home can prepare your body for viewing shortly after your passing without additional efforts like embalming. If your family or friends are not immediately available, embalmed remains can still be cremated once everyone has paid their respects. 

2. A Funeral

Funerals are the final services at which the person's remains are present. Memorials are those at which there is no body. You can have either or both if you wish. As with a viewing, a funeral may take place with your body still in its complete state after your death — with or without embalming. Embalming is only necessary if there will be a delay in the funeral. 

If you really want a funeral, though, you may substitute an urn with your ashes for the traditional casket. There are few, if any, reasons why your ashes may not stand in for your body for the usual rites. 

3. A Burial

Finally, do you or your family want to be buried together? This is a common concern when one family member wants cremation while the others prefer burial. While it may vary from cemetery to cemetery, most allow you to bury your ashes in a plot rather than the complete body. You may rest alongside loved ones either outside or in a more formal mausoleum.

You also have one advantage over your loved ones who opted for traditional burial. What is it? Your ashes may be apportioned between this burial location and any number of other memorials or even other locations. 

Where to Learn More

Clearly, modern cremation technology and choices mean you can have the best of both worlds. You may request cremation while still having the funeral and final resting place you want. Learn more about your options by meeting with a cremation provider in your area today. 


8 February 2023

Understanding The Funeral Planning Process

Hi everyone, my name is Sari Blakenship. My first time visiting a funeral home was an extremely comforting experience. Although I was blindsided by the death of my loved one, the funeral director helped me through the planning process without taking advantage of my grief. I was allowed to work at my own pace to cope with the grief in a healthy way. I was never rushed or pressured, despite the necessary timeline. Whenever I couldn't move forward, the funeral director held my hand and offered words of comfort. I would like to share each step of the funeral planning process to help others through this difficult process. Planning a funeral takes a lot of thought and time during a particularly difficult period. Please visit whenever you need a hand.